Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Wise Moon

Today we celebrate the second New Moon in July.
I named the second New Moon in a month the Wise Moon.

We have a new visitor.
I am not 100% sure who she is.
I think she is a female Scarlet Tanager.
We had rain this morning.
It was cooler until the sun came out.
Once again the humidity rose.

I bought grapes for the birds.

I think if I grew them they would be ripening about now.

The female Gold Finches are shy like our visitor.

We placed a new Hummingbird feeder on the feeding station.
Raccoons broke the last one.
I am doing a Moon watch.
It will be New Wise Moon to New Sunflower Moon in August.
Each day I am having conversations with the Moon.
I am following her phases, her rise and set times.
I am following my moods, my energy levels and my creativity.

The New Moon is my favorite Moon phase.
I love the dark of the Moon.
I love not seeing the Moon but knowing she is up there.
I trust the Moon.
Tonight I will sit outside under the dark of the Moon.
I will begin my Moon watch.

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Cathy said...

You know, you make an excellent Druid!

Great photos!