Saturday, July 9, 2011

A magical week

My week began with the crescent moon.

It was full of fun animal sightings.
Chippy the Chimunk is a regular desk visitor.

The Blue Birds always make me smile.

The female Tiger swallowtail, in her black dress, wows me every time I see her.

Having photographs of the red Fox is very exciting.

We have seen 5 in the cemetery.
Seeing the Pipe-vine Swallowtail was another joy this past week.

We saw a large turtle while walking.

New to our backyard, the Olive Hairstreak.

Black Swallowtail instar.
So tiny now. I will be watching this one grow.
So very wonderful.
We had 0ne inch of rain this past week.

The Tiger Lilies are blooming.

The Monarchs have returned.
The white cone flowers are in full bloom.
The Sunflowers are just started to show color.
The moon is at quarter.

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