Monday, February 18, 2008

Winter Romance


Sprite said...


Dearest Sherry,

I love what you shared about hawk as "the messenger," and about staying balanced. This is a wonderful reminder during this time of so many weather changes.

I wonder... if many people are having trouble with their bodies - aching more than usual this winter. I know mine is. My precious animals are also having some difficulty.

The warmth of sun is such a respite for us all.

Spring is coming soon. Sometimes I think it has arrived. I woke up to baby birds tweeting close by a few mornings okay. The cycles of life are so interesting.

Many Blessings and Much Love~


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I look to the birds!
I feel out of balance and going on my retreat/spa for spring is my way of getting in balance. Making the decision to go was a big self care moment. I wrote it down!
Baby birds? Wow, It seems too early for baby birds. How nice to hear them.
I have been feeling stiff and sore
all winter. The sun helps and as soon as I can go walking I will feel better.
Spring is just around the corner.
Love and light,

Anonymous said...

Guess what happens sometimes when you save stuff for laugh. You forget about it!!! Like I did with this entry. A good one and it's only 30 days away until Spring opens her door and shows Old Winter out!

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
We could have a few weeks yet of Winter pushing Spring! I am so happy you are keeping our countdown. I hear the birds singing again so I am encouraged.
It looks warm out this morning, the sun is bright and the sky blue, yet it is bitterly cold.
Almanac is coming along just fine. I look forward to doing it every week. Thank you for coming and leaving a comment.
Love, light and warmth,

Tumblewords: said...

Balanced. Not so easy but surely worth working toward. Lovely almanac entry!

Q said...

Dear Sue,
Thank you. I am going to a health spa for a week in March. My spring rejuvination. Hopefully I will learn the Ayurveda tradition of self care. It was "big deal" for me to decide to do this. I actually wrote down in my calender when I made the decision. This tradition is all about balance.
I am writing a little bit about it on Walking in Beauty. When I get home I will write more.
Looking for balance.