Monday, February 25, 2008



Anonymous said...

Always brilliant, (oh course it was brilliant that my DSL went last night)

Funny that you mention, anticipation of spring. When your video start and I when heard the bird chirping, a poem came to me. So I had hit pause and write it dow. Very rough draft right now but when it's done. I'll let you know.

Who doesn't want Spring now, after a cold blah day of snow sleet and rain. I spent day at work taking down all the winter stuff from the kid's room. Oh it's only 23 days away.

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
Thank you! I realized that when I write a piece I am "formal" and when I have conversation I am "casual". Thus I decided to write my piece for almanac a wee bit more conversational. That way I do not sound so stiff! I think it is easier for me too. I use more inflection when I am just chatting along.
I too always have to stop when a poem pops in! Looking forward to reading your new poem.
Getting ready for spring is fun.
Thank you for keeping the countdown.
Thank you for your friendship.