Saturday, October 22, 2011

First Frost

Some of the mums are just opening.
These red orange ones are on the North side of the house in the front garden.
I hope they continue to bloom until Thanksgiving.

A few bugs were out sunning this afternoon.

It has been 34 days since our last rain.

We planted 200 Purissima tulips in the Fig Garden and
20 Swan Wing tulips in the Wind Spinner bed
along with 100 Jeanne D'Arc Crocus.
I think both of these areas will look lovely next spring.

In the vegetable garden we planted 160 cloves of garlic.
I hope to have plenty to share next summer.

We had our first frost on the 19th.

I am glad we covered some of the marigolds and squash.

The Garden Rue is still blooming.

I have gathered seed from the cosmos.

1 comment:

Wendy said...

So nice to see life in your garden, even with the first frost. Your photos are stunning!

I'm impressed with the planting you have done and wondering if you'll need all that garlic to repel vampires. LOL!

Can't wait to see your spring garden.